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Angelika is a native German who lives in the Bahamas for over 30 years.
She is a well-known motivational Speaker in the Bahamas as well as an Authority on Energy Healing and Holistic Health. Angelika has extended her reach beyond the Bahamas to fulfill her global vision for a new human consciousness. Her mission is to abolish the destructive presence of fear in people’s lives. Angelika says: “fear, anxiety and doubt are the greatest destroyers of happiness, freedom, and global peace.”

Angelika is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author with 5 Anthology books:

  • “Win 35 Winning Strategies from Today’s Leading Entrepreneurs”
  • “ Women Living Consciously”
  • "The Thought that Changed My Life”
  • “Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude”
  • “Success In High Heels”


Angelika has created very effective and unique methods to reconnect people with their original perfection and power by using their innate body and soul wisdom. In her book: “Your Intelligent Cell” and her upcoming book: “Be Fearless Now”, Angelika gives a clear roadmap how to re-connect with your powerful Soul essence.

Angelika is a sought after and dynamic motivational ‘Break Out’ and ‘Keynote’ Speaker, and Reiki Master Teacher.

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