Dr. Angelika Christie teaches the traditional Usui method of Reiki Ryoho Healing.  Angelika brought Reiki to Grand Bahama in 1992 and has taught over 100 students different levels of Reiki.  She also initiated 6 Reiki Master Teachers during the last 15 years.  Angelika became a Reiki Master Teacher in 1993 by Reiki Master Teacher Myrna Farbiash, who directs the Reiki Healing School: "Loving Touch Center" in Hollywood Florida.  In April 2008, Angelika was also initiated into Komyo Reiki Kai by Reiki sensei Hyakuten Inamoto from Japan who is in the direct lineage of Mikao Usui after Chujiro Hayashi and Chiyoko Yamaguchi.

If you are interested in receiving the traditional Reiki system in its purity and completeness without shortcuts, the way intended by Mikao Usui sensei, you will appreciate Reiki Master Teacher Angelika’s teaching.  Read more...

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What Is Reiki?

Rei Ki

Reiki is Universal Life-force Energy, Unconditional Love, and the great Impersonal Balancer. It is not a religion, but comes from Spirit and therefore does not interfere with any belief system. It will not interfere with your free will, but adjusts to the recipients’ level of acceptance.

Reiki heals on all levels, physical, mental emotional and spiritual.  It was first practiced for spiritual enlightenment. In the western world it is more directed toward healing of the body. But I believe that the body heals itself when the mind is healed. Therefore I like to attend first to the mind.

One of the most beautiful symbols to me that illustrate “life force energy power” in a very small body is the Humming bird. I marvel at the beauty, elegance and pure energy of this tiny creature of the air.

In my 20 years of Reiki Healing practice, I witnessed what we call “Miracles” in many areas of my student’s lives. From physical healings to healings in relationships, to the healings of animals and enhancements of plants, to even starting up batteries with Reiki energy.

To learn a little more about Reiki listen to my Q&A recording.

Angelika's Reiki Lineage

Mikao Usui

Grandmaster Master Mikao Usui - 1865 to 1925. Credited with the discovery of Reiki

Grandmaster Dr. Chujiro Hiyashi - 1873 to 1941. Instituted the three levels of teaching Reiki

Grandmaster Madame Hawayo Takata - 1900 to 1980. She lived and healed in Hawaii for many years. She began to train Reiki Masters at the age of 73. Upon her death, she left 22 masters in the USA and Canada.


Reiki Master Iris Ishikuro. Elevated to Reiki Master/Teacher in 1973 by Madame Takata, lived on the island of Hawaii for many years before moving to California. Transitioned on June 7, 1986.

Reiki Master Dr. Arthur Robertson. Elevated to Reiki Master/Teacher in 1983 by Reiki Master Iris Ishikuro. He transitioned March, 2001.

Reiki Master Myrnia Farbish who trained Angelika and initiated her into the Master Teacher level in 1992.

Reiki Instructors

History of Reiki

Reiki (pronounced:Ray-kee) Healing symbols were given to a Buddhist monk by the name of Usui Mikao sensei by Spirit. 

In 1922 after he was fasting and meditating for a very long time on Mt. Kurama in Kyoto, Japan, he received this miraculous gift of healing which he brought to the people of Japan during his lifetime, and initiated Hayashi Chujiro into a Reiki teacher in 1925.  

Hawa Takato

In his lifetime, he initiated 13 teachers, of which one was Mrs. Hawayo Takata, who got healed through Reiki Healing and then studied under him in Japan until she went back to Hawaii.  Hayashi visited and made her a Reiki Master Teacher in 1938.  (Reiki Master Teacher is the degree in the West, in the East is is simple called Reiki Teacher).

Later in her life, Takata initiated 22 Reiki Master Teachers, and this is how Reiki came to the western world.  Thanks to their devotion to this miraculous healing system, “Reiki Hands on Healing” has become wide spread in the western world.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Reiki works on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.It promotes healing and relieves pain.
  • Reiki reduces stress, increases relaxation, energy and vitality.
  • Reiki creates inner harmony and supports a higher awareness.
  • Reiki sooths emotional and mental stress, promotes calmness and serenity.
  • Reiki goes where it is needed, and dissolves blocked energy.
  • It works on pets and plants, as well as material and situations.
  • Does not require a belief system, but promotes and supports spirituality.
  • Brings joy and centering to the practitioner as well as to the recipient.
  • Works well with allopathic medicine.
  • Reiki is wonderful to share with your partner and children.
  • Reiki is safe for anyone; the very young and very old, the healthy and sick.

The 5 Reiki Precepts of Usui Reiki Ryoho

5 Precepts

Reiki Seminars

Angelika teaches Reiki seminars in the Bahamas and also internationally. For dates please call  (242) 352-1010 or e-mail angelika@reikibahamas.com

In Reiki Seminars, you learn how to apply this cosmic, sacred energy to yourself and others.  There are 3 degrees that Reiki is taught in. The 4th Degree is the Master Teacher initiation for those who are called to follow in the footsteps of the Grand Masters’ lineage with honor and integrity.  Reiki brings you closer to your Essence and God.  It is a most precious gift of God.

Reiki 1:

Reiki 1 is taught over a 2- day period, which is usually a Saturday and Sunday with an introduction on Friday evening. 

Reiki 2:

Reiki 2 is taught over a 2- day period, which is usually a Saturday and Sunday without the introduction on Friday. 

Reiki 3:

Reiki 3 is divided into the Master Level, and the Master Teacher Level.  The Master Level is taught over a 2- day period, which is usually a Saturday and Sunday. 

Master Teacher Level:

The Master Teacher Level is taught over a longer period, which includes an apprenticeship, assisting and creating Reiki Seminars, and a 6- day Intensive on learning how to teach and attune students to the Reiki Energy. 

Rei Ki

The essence of Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy.

This ancient spiritual healing practice brings balance to the recipient on all levels: Body, Mind and Spirit.